Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday: March 24

Welcome back to Sneak Peek Sunday! I'm having a blast with this...and it's a fun way to read snippets of other authors' work.

Today, I'm offering up another snippet from my contemporary romance, Baby Stetson.  There's been a series of storms around Harmony's Echo. Lucas has been away from Avery during the storm, and they've just found her. Now, Lucas and Avery's ex Jameson are having a bonding moment.  I hope you enjoy!

     “Are you all right?” Jameson asked. The blue
and red lights from the emergency vehicles lit up the
night. Lucas was a muddy mess, wet, and scared out
of his mind, but he nodded.

     “It’s been a crazy past few days. Gives me a
lot of perspective, that’s for sure,” Lucas said, looking
back at where the paramedics tended to Avery.

     A hand clapped on his shoulder. Lucas looked
back at Jameson, who smiled. “That Avery, she’s a
fighter. She’ll make it out of this just fine.”

     “I just don’t know if she’ll forgive me for the
stupid shit I’ve done,” Lucas muttered. He hadn’t
meant to say that out loud, especially to Jameson, but
there it was.

     “She will,” Jameson replied softly. “She
forgave me. Even though her feelings changed, it tore
her up inside. It hurt her far worse than it did me
when she told me she didn’t feel the same, but she
said she forgave me. I love that woman, and always
will, but I know now she loves you, Lucas. I don’t
know what you did, but it can’t be bad enough that
Avery wouldn’t forgive you. She doesn’t hold

     “That means a lot, coming from you,” Lucas
admitted. They never got to finish the conversation.
The other members of the search party, including
Paula, all rushed over.

And there you have it!

I'm pleased to say that Baby Stetson is now available!

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  1. I hope she'll be okay. Great little chat the boys had.

    1. Well, as Jameson said...she'll make it just fine. LOL. Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Reads well Nikki. Good luck with the book, sounds interesting. I like that the two guys in her life - past and present - think so highly of her.

    Gemma Juliana

  3. Great snippet. Love the man-to-man chat!