Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday April 21

Welcome to Sneak Peek Sunday! This is a fun little hop where readers can visit authors' blogs and read short snippets of various books. Some are works in progress, some are published.  Regardless there's pretty much something for everyone.

Today's Sneak Peek is another from my latest release, Baby Stetson. You may or may not remember, last week, things got interesting for Avery and Lucas when Avery impulsively answered  Lucas's phone. Let's just say Avery learns a few things about Lucas that she never expected.....

  Today's snippet fast forwards to later that evening. Lucas is sitting with Avery after he helps someone bring her drunk sister back to the house.  Lucas wants more than anything to make things right and so he tires to talk to Avery.  Of course, Avery is pretty weary about letting herself get lost in Lucas's touch again after what she found out, but she can't help her feelings. Here's the snippet!

“If I let you hold me, I-”  I lose control.  I want you all over again.  I abandon all of my senses and have so many dangerous thoughts when it comes to you. 

“Talk to me, Avery.”  Lucas prodded gently, pulling her to him.  Avery gave in, resting her head against his chest.  His arms closed around her, providing a cocoon.  How is it she felt so good right then, when just before she couldn’t decide how she felt?  He ran his hand up and down her back in soft, tender motions.  Avery shuddered, and a snake of chills traveled down her spine.

“Avery, what you said awhile ago.  You’re right.  Why should you trust me?  I’m a jerk, okay?  I admit that.  But you make me want to make everything right.  Before you, if I lost someone’s trust, I wouldn’t care.  People lose my trust all the time, and I’ve leaned not to trust in return.  So I can’t expect you to.  But you’re different.  I care way too much what you think, what you feel.”

Avery stayed silent, letting the words sink in.  He sounded sincere enough.

“Avery.  Look at me for a minute,” Lucas pleaded.

She complied, staring up at his face.  The emotion in his eyes made her heart beat faster.

And there you have it!

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  1. Love this I definitely want to know what happens with Avery and Lucas.

    1. They sure go through a lot! Thanks for stopping by!

  2.! This was fantastic!!!

  3. That's a great snippet to follow last week's installment. I'm really getting drawn in to this story. Hope there's more to come next week.

    1. I must be doing my job well! LOL. Glad you're getting drawn in. Tune in next week, though I'm not sure what snippet I'll be posting yet :D

  4. Great snippet... I want to know more!!!

  5. Great snippet! I want to know what Avery found out about Lucas. Imma Tweetin'! Tweetilie deedlie deet! I need to find you on Twitter and stalk you. Lol.

    ~Laurie Kozlowski

    1. LOL Laurie!

      I'm @stormgoddess925 on Twitter :)