Monday, March 11, 2013

Pre publication Jitters

 I'm putting the finishing touches on Baby Stetson. I've got 2 out of 3 responses back from beta readers. Both of them are extremely positive, with a few thoughts and ideas. Doing another round of proofreading, adding the extra excerpts, and a few other things, and this week could be it! The week that I become a multi published author.

And this is where the nerves come back....I just did this a few months ago, the same nervous feeling!

Does this still happen to any of you, even after publishing a handful of books?

I'm a perfectionist- if someone points out something, I'm all over it to 'fix' it. But was it really broken?  My mind is an array of "What is everyone going to think?"

Okay. Time to take a step back. Since when have I cared about what people think? Ugh,I stopped that a long time ago. Or did I?  Apparently not. But it's a little different with writing, because I need and want to know what people think. That's what helps me become a better author.  I hope for the positive outcome from a project I've worked long and hard on, to the point where I still love the story, but so sick of combing through it.

Am I crazy?

Tell me I'm not alone...?


  1. I'm not SP, but it's the same every time something new comes out. I am a wreck! Congrats on the release! I need to find time to read it!

  2. Thanks, D'Ann. I'm really glad I'm not the only one, lol. I am in freak out mode, hehe.

  3. I worry about whether anyone will like it. When someone points out an error, I get all upset because I blame myself for not finding it first. Jitters are normal. If we stop doing what we love, then they win! Enjoy your jitters and have a wonderful release day!

  4. Well, I only have one book published YET, but I know some people read my stuff and because I'm not predictable, they read what they expected instead of what I wrote and they end up with a very odd version of my story, sometimes they still like it, sometimes not. However, it makes me realize that I have little control over the reader. All I can do is write my book as well as I can and set it free. It truly is like a baby. You raise it and send it out, some people will love it, others will like it and some might not want to talk to it. Nothing you can do about that. Like a real baby, no book suits everyone and no book is perfectly written.