Monday, April 1, 2013


Happy April everyone!

No fooling, I have a contest.

I need a bit of help.  Contrary to popular belief, I can be helped.  So, what is this contest and how can you help me, you ask?

I'm in need of title help.

My first two books have had fairly unique and original titles. Now, I know I can't do this with all of my books, because I do have a few titles in mind that have been used, but fit the story. Still, for Love and Music in Texas Book 2's case, I want something original and unique.

We've got The Secret Santa Wishing Well, and Baby Stetson as my already released books. Love each title, and they fit the story.

Book two features Jameson and Melody as the couple, and yes, readers get more of Lucas and Avery, and of course, more with the band Baby Stetson.  I don't have a blurb of course, as the book is only 7000 words in but I'll give you a bit of a run down.

Melody is a woman on the run. Trying to help a woman she met on the bus, they get off in Harmony's Echo, Texas.  But that's not far enough away for Melody, who has a lot to hide.  That's where she meets Jameson, and he helps her out as best he can, even though he doesn't know what she's running from.

Jameson is dealing with his own demons.  The one year anniversary of his father's death is coming up, and his mom isn't doing too well handling it. And even though he's happy for his best friend Avery, it's still hard for him to see her with someone else when for the longest time, his dreams revolved around making music and living a happy life with Avery, until one stupid mistake changed all that.

There will also be some things Avery and Lucas have to deal with, and it all ties together.

So, I need unique title help! What do you get out of it? Well, of course, the fact that you're helping an author out.

If your title is chosen, you'll win a $25 gift card to the book retailer of your choice, you'll be acknowledged, and when Love and Music in Texas Book 2 comes out, you get an autographed copy.  You can make your suggestions in the comments section, and yes, you can make more than one.

I can't wait to see your suggestions. Ready, set, start naming!

-Nikki Lynn Barrett


  1. What about Echos of Demons? or Echos of the past?

    That way you tie in the town with what's going on in the story.

    Best of luck!

  2. How about playing with the names a bit?

    A Melody in Echo?

    Can't get Melody off his mind?

    An echo of a Melody?


  3. Healing in Harmony's Echo?
    Rhonda D

  4. Finding His Song
    A Song in His Heart
    (or could change the gender depending on the focus or add Again if want to draw Echo into the title somewhere)
    The Music Tuner
    Fleeting Music
    A Dissonant Song
    Notes Recaptured

  5. How about:

    Texas Melody

    Discordant Echoes

    Heart Echoes