Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday: April 7

Welcome back to Sneak Peek Sunday! This is the time where authors post snippets of their work, whether it be published or unpublished. There's always something for everyone, and you never know what great stories you'll stumble upon while looking through the various blogs.

Now, here on mine today, is another snippet of my contemporary romance, Baby Stetson.

Avery is nearly having a meltdown as she's about to meet someone for the very first time, and she'd having a hard time dealing with it. Lucas has been by her side and tries to help keep her calm. I hope you enjoy.

     The door opened. He poked his head in. “I
don’t mean to barge. I just- you don’t look like you’re
doing so well.” Lucas crossed into the entrance and
gathered her in his arms, stroking her hair. Avery
couldn’t help it. She let the tears fall. “Shh,” Lucas
soothed. “What is it, Avery?”

     Avery hiccuped. “It’s- It’s the house, the
waivers, the coldness. I just lost it, am losing it,
whatever.” She couldn’t even get out a full sentence.
Lucas held her, rocked her until she calmed down. He
didn’t say anything, didn’t need to. His touch, his embrace was enough.

     “I know. This is the kind of life I grew up with,
even in my adult life. You were and are, so very
lucky, Avery. You grew up surrounded by love.”
Lucas kissed her temple. “I know this can’t be easy
for you. Just take a deep breath. You’ll get through
this, because you are a strong woman. I’m right here
with you. Just breathe. There you go.” Lucas
attempted a smile as Avery did as he suggested.
Inhale, exhale, inhale. Her heartbeat went back to
normal and soon Avery was back to calm. Lucas
tipped her chin up. “Better?”

     Avery nodded. For the most part. She could
breathe again, but she wasn’t better. It would have to
do. “If you were me, what would you do?”

     “If I had the chance to ask my parents
anything, I would want to. I’d ask them why I wasn’t
enough, why they couldn’t get and stay sober to take
care of me. All my life, I wanted to mean something
to them. Instead, I rarely saw them. I had to fight
like hell to feel normal. I hated them, yet I loved
them. I know it must hurt, but at least you got a shot
at the life you ended up with.”

     He was right. So right.

So there you have it! That's today's Baby Stetson snippet.

For the next few days, I have Baby Stetson discounted to $1.99. This is a 100k full length novel, and won't be this discounted for long.  Baby Stetson is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo...and print will be available soon! 

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  1. love this peek! Lucas seems so tender with her, and it seems to come from a quiet strength within him. love that combination :)

    1. Lucas definitely has a way with Avery...Thanks for coming by!

  2. Great snippet. I definitely want to know more. If I had'nt already I'd have to pick it up now that you've got me hooked.

  3. Lucas sounds like a great hero. Enjoyed the snippet.

    1. I'm a bit smitten with him, lol. Thanks for coming by!

  4. I love a gentle hero. Great peek.

  5. I like Lucas. Shame he couldn't come over and talk me down when my edits all disappeared. He's a soothing dude.

    1. Lol. Poor Liza. At least he's hanging out on your blog today, but he's not being that soothing LOL

  6. A guy who is good when you cry is a keeper!