Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mad Libs Monday- still need words filled :)

All right....we're going to try something out here. If this works and it's fun, we'll continue it!

Does everyone remember the game Mad Libs? It's where you fill in words, like a verb, noun, etc, into a story. Except you don't know what that story is! So of course, all the words are silly and makes you giggle.

Well, I thought...why not play a little mad lib with snippets of stories? So, I hope my characters from baby Stetson don't kill me for this....but we're going to play a little Mad Libs with them!

What I need from you is whatever comment you happen to be, put the number in and and look at the list. If you see eight comments ahead of you, then look at number nine and put a word in for that request. Let's keep this somewhat clean...I don't want to go too crazy!

Ready for the list?

I'll give it a few days before posting the story with your words!

Ready, set, go!  

We're going do this a little different today....Monday we got a little off track.  Below are the words already filled in. This time, you get to pick the number, as long as it's not already been picked. Keep an eye out on the comments to make sure we don't double up.  Here's how your comment should look.


Word # 5- (And if it's a verb, fill that in)

If you've already played on Monday, you're welcome to add another word in!

The large letters in red are what has already been filled. Any word with no large red letters are what still needs to be picked :)

1. Verb ending in ING - RUNNING 

2. room in a house     BATHROOM 

3. verb                    SCATTER 

4. noun                    CAT 

5. adjective             HOT 

6. verb               SWEAT

7. body part    EAR

8. noun      BEACH 

9. verb    EAT 

10. noun   NIKKI 

11. noun    TEDDY BEAR 

12. verb ending in ING   SWEATING 

13. verb past tense    SCREAMED 

14. body part              EYELASH
15. body part plural    - ELBOWS 

16. body part      BELLY BUTTON 

17. adjective -     EXPLOSIVE


  1. Sadly, I have never played this game before but I am looking forward to the results, it looks like they will be hilarious. For comment #7, I submit EAR

    1. I can't believe you've never played Mad Libs. They have books of these. They are often played at baby or wedding showers.

      Am I dating myself? But they were the rage when I was growing up, my children had Mad Libs books, and I swear we played them at all showers or whatever get-together that was larger than five women.

  2. #8: Beach
    This looks like so much fun!! I'm excited to see where this goes.

  3. When do we get to read what we "helped" write? LOL

    For #9 EAT

    1. As soon as I get the words all filled :)

  4. I've never played MadLibs but I'll take a stab. #12 sweating... again

  5. I've never played MadLibs but here is for #13 "screamed" LOL I hope it fits!